The Communist and Deep State
Ties in the Anti-Trump Coup
The diagram below shows those involved in the anti-Trump conspiracy with Communist, Marxist and/or Socialist ties. “… in the years that Reinhold Niebuhr wrote James Comey’s two favorite tomes, Niebuhr was a prominent, militant member of the Socialist Party, publicly well-known for his Marxist ‘ideas and approaches’, including ‘social ownership’ of property, the use of violence to bring about political change, and his membership in over one dozen Communist front organizations…” [Book:] “The Red Thread” by Diana West –

“Marxism is a common driver of revolutions and coups, successful and failed, over the past 170 years… Moscow was the main instigator and enabler of these same aggressions, and especially so within the United States… Enter Donald Trump… single-handedly reviving the greatest weapon never deployed against international communism: America First.” [Book:] “The Red Thread” by Diana West

Diana West ‘American Betrayal’ (book) – “… We essentially had a Soviet occupation even inside the White House” — “… and when I was going back through this lost history, I came to the conclution that perhaps D-Day and the Battle of the Buldge did not have to happen. Perhaps the war could have ended much earlier.”

“… Franklin D Roosevelt reversed the policy of four Presidents before him to “normalize” relations with the Soviet regime. What this also ‘normalized,’ America painfully discovered later, was the influx of communists and pro-Communists into the federal government, including hundreds, probably thousands, of covert Soviet operatives…”

“… Meet the Browder Communist Network. Its members… doing their bit to overthrow the United States… The extended Browder family slavishly served Josef Stalin in global espionage operations…”
[Book:] “The Red Thread” by Diana West