Groups That Make Up
the Deep State Swamp

“… Deception and a slow subversion process, then, are the tools of the CFR.… Another outfit like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), only more ‘elite’ and more international, is the Trilateral Commission, founded in 1973 by… David Rockefeller…

Aside from Rockefeller, who in his memoirs boasted of ‘conspiring’ with a ‘secret cabal’ against the best interests of America to form a ‘one world’ order, the other key figure behind the Trilateral Commission was Zbigniew Brzezinski, who at the time was at Columbia University’s Russian Studies department.

Eventually, he became an advisor to Rockefeller… and the national security advisor to President Jimmy Carter. He also was a key player in arming the jihadist ‘mujaheddin’ holy warriors in Afghanistan…”
[Book:] ‘The Deep State: Pulling Strings From Behind the Scenes’ by Alex Newman

[DISTURBING Deep State Video:] “… when William Benny decided to leave the NSA and blow the whistle… an operation called ‘Steller Wind’… they were collecting most American emails…, at least 80% of American phone calls… with this knowledge they then have the ability to, quote, ‘concoct all kinds of charges, if they want to target you’.”

“… Say they want a vote to go a certain way in Congress, well, they have intelligence on every member of Congress… All it would take is a little bit of searching and hey, ‘maybe this guy cheated on his wife…?'” “… Same thing with judges and supreme court justices… and if they’re spying on members of Congress, you can be absolutely sure that you’re not safe either…

if and when you do pose a threat to the Deep State, they’ve got all your stuff just ready and waiting… and with over 500,000 Federal regulations, with criminal penalties, you can bet that they can find one to string you up on…”