“We’re in the most critical period we’ve been in since the revolutionary war.”
Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin – Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit (Amazon Prime documentary)

“We have been the main stumbling block to world communism, since it first raised its ugly head.” Jim Simpson – Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit (Amazon Prime documentary)

These masters of deceit have used their propaganda so successfully, they’ve actually accomplished the greatest feat in warfare; they had convinced us they no longer exist. Which has given them cart blanch to subvert, manipulate, deceive, infiltrate and undermine us, with no resistance whatsoever.”
Curtis Bowers – Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit (Amazon Prime documentary)

“And this is the point I think Americans need to comprehend. If America goes down economically, it will go down militarily. If America goes down militarily, we all go down. The free world is finished. And it will be finished for a very very long time.”
Trevor Loudon – Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit (Amazon Prime documentary)

“We’re heading into what could be a nightmare that would make all the atrocities of the 20th century look like they were a dress rehearsal.”
Dr. Alan Keyes – Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit (Amazon Prime documentary)

“… Rinat Akhmetshin was there, too… It was at the 2016 Halifax conference where John McCain claimed to have first learned about the Steele dossier… After the conference, McCain dispatched David Kramer to meet with Christopher Steele…

When Kramer returned to Washington, Fusion GPS provided him with the dossier, which David Kramer, gave to John McCain. David Kramer considered a plan ‘to have McCain confront Trump with the evidence, in the hope Trump would resign. ‘He would tell Trump, ‘The Russians have got you’…’

On December 9, 2016, Sen. McCain gave the Steele dossier to James Comey… it was David Kramer who passed the Steele dossier to Buzzfeed, pulling the pin on the ‘salacious and unverified’ grenade to explode it on the incoming president…”
[Book:] “The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy” by Diana West