Economic Sabotage By the Left and by the RINOs

‘Dollars & Sense’ – Extremely important video on the Federal Reserve, the National Debt and much more

[Summary of Video Below:] How the Federal Reserve Enslaved Us – “Crucial to understanding the Deep State is understanding the money system.” In this video, a clip of Ben Bernanke is shown admitting that the Federal Reserve contributed to the Great Depression. It is then stated that it’s more sinister than that, that the Federal Reserve actually deliberately created the Great Depression… the reason being so the elite bankers running the Fed could buy up farms, foreclosed properties and low stocks after the crash they created.


“For over 100 years now the monetary system in the United States has been completely under the control of shadowy Deep State characters… This debate went on for a long time, Thomas Jefferson was very very opposed to the Central Bank, they viewed it as first of all, unconstitutional, and second of all, a way for the elites to control the American people…”