Globalist Document Reveals NWO Agenda

“… more than ten thousand hours of research have led me to conclude that we are rapidly being pushed toward a one world government by powerful Luciferic forces rooted in age old secret societies. These forces, incredibly evil in intent, fully expect to accomplish their mission in the near future. I myself have had a rare glimpse into the forming of the world government by being involved in organizations participating in this effort. One of these organizations is the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) whose plans and documents have been reproduced in the exhibits in Part two of this book.”
[Book:] ‘En Route To Global Occupation’ by Kah, Gary

Note: The globalists want to do away with the U.S. Constitution and replace it with a legally binding document that will allow the elites to rule over the people of the United States and then the people of the world. These are sick egomanics with a massiah complex and with twisted minds and no empathy or concern for others or for humanity. America has been the only thing standing in their way from having a global government, socialism then communism, a global currency, a global army, a global court system and global tyranny.

“… My first experience in this regard came during a meeting with a prominent businessman in the Far East… The next day we met at my hotel for dinner… he began to tell me of what he believed might be an international conspiracy to create a one-world government. The papers he held in his hands contained a list of people… The list of names read like a who’s who of American leaders, including high-level members of the government, education, the press, the military, and high-finance.

It included some of the names I had run across in my research on the Federal Reserve and global economics. There seemed to be a common denominator- everyone on the list was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) or the Trilateral Commission… After nearly two years of research, I was able to piece together a rough history of the CFR’s influence on the United States… This history begins with an organization known as the Illuminati.”

[Book:] ‘En Route To Global Occupation’ by Kah, Gary

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