Democrats Deserve an F Grade for Their Inaction
When it Comes to Keeping Americans Safe

Who in America Does the Democrat Party refuse to protect? They refuse to protect American citizens in sanctuary cities. Democrats refuse to protect the elderly, women, teenagers, gays and other Americans who are attacked by socialist Antifa gangs. They refuse to protect young girls trying to cross our border who end up getting raped.

Democrats refuse to protect conservatives who are attacked by their hate-filled liberal base for wearing Maga hats or for expressing their opinions. The Democrat party refuses to protect Americans from MS13 gangs that come into America. They refuse to protect very young children from those in our schools who encourage them to dress in sexy ways and to attend ‘Drag Queen Night’ and to be sexually indoctrinated in other ways.

The Democrat party refuses to protect American citizens from the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and other such radical groups who want to make Sharia Law the law of the land in America. And I could go on and on. So if the Democrats refuse to do their number one primary job, which is to secure our nation and protect Americans; why are they being paid?

And if the RINOs refuse to support our president and work for the American people; why are they being paid? Why aren’t they all given pink slips informing them that they’re fired instead? Becuase the system is broken. And it’s broken because we allow it to remain broken and don’t speak up. Instead the ignorant keep re-electing the very politians who could care less about their safety and security.

[Video Below:] Does Rashida Tlaib support terrorism? – Israel Advocacy Movement: “We investigated Rashida Tlaib’s inner circle and uncovered eighteen of her closest colleagues, employees and friends posting highly questionable content, leaving a serious question on her judgement and suitability for Congress.” 


Note: Three of ‘the Squad’ members took money from or has ties to (enemy of the United States) George Soros. Those three Squad fraud members are: Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and AOC (AOC is said to have been helped into Congress by the Young Turks).

Video of Islamic State praising Ilhan Omar, AOC, Tlaib: