“Is Communism Dead?… Communism is resurgent in South Africa; it still dominates behind the scenes in Russia, it’s still very strong in eastern Europe; it’s strong in the EU, it’s strong in virtually every country in the world.” Trevor Loudon, Author/Speaker

“… These masters of deceit have used their propaganda so successfully, they’ve actually accomplished the greatest feat in warfare; they had convinced us they no longer exist. Which has given them cart blanch to subvert, manipulate, deceive, infiltrate… with no resistance whatsoever.” Curtis Bowers, Documentary Producer

“We have been the main stumbling block to world communism, since it first raised its ugly head.” Jim Simpson – “And this is the point I think Americans need to comprehend. If America goes down economically, it will go down militarily. If America goes down militarily, we all go down. The free world is finished.” Trevor Loudon, Author/Speaker

The video below discusses how Communism came out of the secret society known as the Illuminati. The agendas put forth by the Illuminati have the following in common: * they are Anti-God * they pursue a One World Government

“The Illuminati was a secret Luciferic order founded in Ingolstadt Bavaria (Germany) on 1 May 1776… The organization was an extension of high, or illuminized, Freemasonry… The order’s name, meaning “the enlightened ones,” signified that its members had been initiated into the secret teachings of Lucifer… The Illuminati had been designed for one purpose-to carry out the plans of high Freemasonry to create a New World Order by gaining a foothold in the key policy-making circles of European governments and attempting to influence the decisions of Europe’s leaders”

[Book:] ‘En Route To Global Occupation’ by Kah, Gary