How Marxists and Communists
Take Over Entire Countries

“The Communist Party in the United States was officially established in 1919… During the following two decades, over 100,000 American citizens flocked into the party. Unemployment and economic depression had convinced them that Capitalism was crumbling… Robert Morris for many years has been a key figure in the anti-subversion program of the Federal Government…

After describing how president Roosevelt had ordered the Navy to allow Communist party members to serve as radio operators with access to secret military communications, Mr. Morris then turned to the subject of Soviet defector Victor Kravchenko…” In the end, Robert Morris tried to expose Russian deceit against the United States, but under the Roosevelt administration, his efforts were rejected and he was transferred.
(Documentary:) ‘Hidden Agenda – season 1 episode 2’

[Summary of Video Below:] Radical Muslim Terror (Rooted in Communism) Helps to Build the New World Order – Recent news was filled with scenes of the suicide bombing at Manchester Arena. In these types of attacks, the news focus is always on the carnage, the victims, those responsible, and why.

But the why never seems to be answered in its entirety. Perhaps it’s because the wrong questions are being asked. Instead of looking at this on a case-by-case basis, in this episode of Analysis Behind the News, we look at why radical Muslim terror even exists.