Inaction When Communists Inside Government are Discovered
Soviet Hostility and Plans for World Domination – “In September of 1945, a Russian code clerk named Egor Gusanko, assigned to the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa [Canada] approached Canadian officials and asked for political asylum…

While working at the Soviet Embassy, Egor Gusanko had become dismayed by the fact that his superiors already were preparing for a new war following the defeat of Germany. A war against the entire non-Communist world. As a code clerk he had access to all secret communications, and he brought many of these with him to prove the truth of his allegations… Egor Gusanko revealed that there was a group of Canadian citizens with important positions within their government, who in reality were agents of the Soviet Union.

But the most electrifying disclosure of all was that the network included one of the top scientists working in cooperation with the United States on the atomic bomb project; his name was Dr. Alan Nunn May… When confronted with the evidence, Dr. May confessed that everything Egor Gusanko had revealed was true. ” (Documentary:) ‘Hidden Agenda – season 1 episode 2’

The number of deaths resulting from communism are as follows: * According to R. J. Rummel’s book Death by Government (1994), about 110 million people, foreign and domestic, were killed by communist democide from 1900 to 1987 * In his introduction to the Black Book of Communism (1999), Stéphane Courtois gave a “rough approximation, based on unofficial estimates” approaching 100 million killed.

* In 2011, Matthew White published his rough total of 70 million “people who died under communist regimes from execution, labor camps, famine, ethnic cleansing, and desperate flight in leaky boats”, not counting those killed in wars

* In 2017, Professor Stephen Kotkin wrote in ‘the Wall Street Journal’ that communism killed at least 65 million people between 1917 and 2017 and stated “Though communism has killed huge numbers of people intentionally, even more of its victims have died from starvation as a result of its cruel projects of social engineering”.

[Video Below:] Filmmaker Discusses Communist Infiltration in the United States