To the Democrats the most important thing for them is creating new loyal voter blocks. In the past, first they used lies and indoctrination to secure the black vote. Then they set up socialist indoctrination in our schools to secure the youth vote.

Then the Democrats pursued the gay, lesbian and transvestite voters. Then they went after the Latino voting block. After that they went after the illegal alien voting block. And now they’re going after Muslim voters because they know that Muslims will always vote for the Muslim candidate who pushes for Sharia Law.

The Democrats will cause America to become unrecognizable and they will destroy it for all future generations of Americans, if they are not defeated in 2020. The globalists in Europe also have the same agenda and goals and many believe work with the Democrats in opposition to freedom loving people and what they want.

If we criticize anything a Democrat says or does, they reply by calling us a racist. Then their parrots in the mainstream media call us a racist. Then their puppets in the Democrat party call us a racist. But when Dems are silent after their Antifa thugs hit unarmed conservatives on the head with a crow bar, that’s okay.

And when a liberal calls for violence against the president of the United States, that’s okay. And when the intelligence community forms a coup to attempt to remove a duly elected president from office, that’s okay. And when the previous administration gave billions of dollars to our enemy, Iran, who funds terrorism around the world, that’s okay.

And when the Democrats seek open borders and sanctuary cities that endanger Americans, that’s okay. And when Democrats engage in voter fraud, that’s okay. And when the big tech companies censure conservatives, that’s okay. And when college campuses silence conservatives, that’s okay…

And I could go on and on. Countless Americans are seeing through the hatred and deception of the Democrat party and now say, ‘enough is enough’! – The True Face of the Democrat Party – The 1924 Democrat Convention