The Truth About the Democrat Party and Their Co-conspiritors
The Democrats and mainstream media never have any real facts or substance when they attack President Trump, or his supporters. They use intense emotion, anger and outrage (at non-existent crimes) to try to garner support and sway voters. They also have the following personality trait disorders:

* They could care less about the people they are supposed to serve * They don’t care about children, what they’re taught in school, their prospects for a secure future, or how they’re being groomed for failure * The Democrats are also reckless when it comes to the national security of America, our enemies, or our borders * They seek to indoctrinate our children to attempt to gain a political advantage

* They don’t care about how many lives their actions ruin, as long as they get what they want * The Democrats also could care less about what our founding fathers wanted * They could care less about our U.S. Constitution, our rights or our freedoms * The Democrats don’t care the slightest bit what Americans want, they only care about what they want * People are merely pawns in their political games

* The ‘Me Too’ movement, ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, and the Global Warming movement were all just a scam on the American people * The Democrat party also has shown us that they could care less about future generations * They exist for the sole purpose of fulfilling their selfish power grab agendas at any cost * Groups of people are to be lied to and manipulated for their Democrat votes * The bottom line is, they have demonstrated to us time and time again that no one else matters to the Democrat party

Everything the Democrat Party Wants Ends Up Being BAD for the People… They want a mass Muslim migration into America, while we have been seeing Europe getting destroyed by the Muslim migration there. The Democrat party wants Socialism, while knowing it has only resulted in genocide, poverty, starvation and the ruin of prosperous free countries.

They want open borders and sanctuary cities, which makes no sense to anyone with common sense. The Democrat party wants to do away with voter ID. They want our kids indoctrinated in strange ways, such as ‘Drag Queen Night’, multiple genders, socialism, etc. The Democrat party also wants gun control, while knowing this… Throughout history, when various SOCIALIST or COMMUNIST governments confiscated the guns of their citizens, genocide was the end result.

Over 170 million people were slaughtered, tortured, sent to labor camps, starved, mutilated, hanged, or murdered with bayonet’s, in various countries around the world, during the past, after the government took away their guns. The Democrats pose a threat to our national security. [Video Below:] Venezuela Collapse Explained