To get America to once again be a truly great nation, all politicians would need to be held to a high standard of ethics and character. And the same goes for all immigrants (legal or illegal) wanting to live in America. They would all need to demonstrate a love for America and our most cherished values, for starters. They would also all need to demonstrate a real concern for the well-being of other Americans. They would also need to demonstrate that they cherish our U.S. Constitution. And they would need to show that the security of our country is of the utmost importance to them.

They would need to demonstrate that they value our freedoms and laws. They would also need to demonstrate a character of honesty and integrity. But this will never come to be because corrupt politicians write our laws, globalists, Communists, Socialists, corrupt judges, and the Deep State, runs our country, and it would mean that 90% of our politicians would be removed from office… and the Democrats and RINOs would rather see our country and economy burn to the ground, before they allow that to happen. So what is the solution? Educate the voters. This solution will be elaborated on in future posts.

Democrats Seek to Pass New Law to Make it Illegal to Remove Criminal Illegal Aliens. Once again Democrats appear to want a lawless America. Not only that, but they want to use our tax dollars to pay for bringing back the illegal aliens that have been deported. The safety, security and rights of Americans is obviously not a concern for Democrats. That being the case, if they acquire the presidency, the Senate and the House, and then conduct gun confiscations, would it be a really big stretch for them to imprison those who resist their radical political agenda?

Or would it be a really big stretch for the Democrats, after taking away our 2nd Amendment rights, for them to order that lethal force be used against those who resist their political agenda? One either values human life or they don’t. And the Democrats have shown us time and time again that they don’t value it much. The cornavirus was just one demonstration of this. Their radical abortion actions was another. Creating sanctuary cities and pushing for open borders is yet another example. Ignoring the Iranian protestors pushing back against their government who was murdering them was another. The Christian genocide around the world that they have no interest in is yet another demonstration of this.