In London there are over 3,000 Muslim Mosques, over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts, and Muslim-Only ‘No Go Zones’. There are Millions of radical illegal immigrants, thousands of stabbings, hundreds of murders and acid attacks there. In addition, hundreds of thousands of children are raped by Muslim gangs there. Many of the residents in Europe are terrified every day.

Ilhan Omar is in the U.S. Congress because she received funds from George Soros and CAIR. In addition, Obama imported 70,000 Somali immigrants and put them in Minnesota, in the 5th District. That district was identified by the FBI as America’s TERRORIST RECRUITMENT CAPITAL, (represented by Ilhan Omar, who is calling for the DISSOLUTION of America’s Homeland Security).

In addition, ISIS has been on record praising Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and AOC, who is associated with the Young Turks. Does the Democrat party not see a problem with all of this? They keep trying to get Muslims elected into government positions and into our Congress. And why would they do that? Because they know that Muslims will always vote for the Sharia Law Muslim candidate.

[Summary of Video Below:] Towns and Cities In England Have Been Completely Taken Over By the Muslim Population There – Much of Europe is unrecognizable after Muslims have taken over many of the cities there and have created ‘No Go Zones’, ‘Muslim Community Patrols’ (to enforce Sharia Law), and unprecedented levels of crime and violence.

“This clearly is an invasion. This is a planned invasion, not only in Europe but also in the United States.”
House Rep. Michele Bachmann –

Discussed in this video is a woman who was set on fire screaming for help in a Muslim Sharia Law community. The police there said that there were no suspicious circumstances.

Also discussed is that when 2000 white girls in this area of Europe were raped over a period of time, and went to the police, nothing was ever done, because the police didn’t want to be labeled as being ‘Islamophobic.’ “The police are now a ligitimage arm of the government silencing machine.”