Six Ways Socialism Destroys Societies: (1) It kills economic growth (2) It stifles free speech (3) It leads to an increasingly tyrannical government (4) It creates strife and division (5) Socialists believe the ends justify the means [for a socialist, the overriding concern is always promoting socialism] (6) The goal of socialists is often COMMUNISM –

Additional dangers of socialism: * Resources owned and spent by the government * The elimination of private property * The potential for violence or genocide –

Here are the countries that have tried Socialism and failed: * Cuba * Cambodia * East Germany * Ethiopia * North Korea * Poland * Romania * Venezuela * People’s Republic of China * USSR –

Number of deaths resulting from socialism: * Joseph Stalin – 67 million people dead * Mao Zedong (China) – From 38 million to 45 million killed * Kim Jong-Un (North Korea) – 1.7 million killed

[Disturbing Video:] Throughout history, Socialism and Communism has always included gun confiscations – that is, disarming the citizens.

This is Socialism/Communism – Innocents Betrayed – Gun Control History (Genocide) – part 3 of 6 – Throughout history when various governments confiscated the guns of their citizens, genocide was the end result.

Over 170 million people were slaughtered, tortured, sent to labor camps, starved, mutilated, hanged, or murdered with bayonet’s, in various countries around the world, in the past, after the government took away their guns –

This video covers the horrific genocide in Uganda, Rwanda, Guatemala, Tibet, Bangladesh, Sudan and Zimbabwe. Part 1 covers the unforgettable genocide in Turkey and Russia. Part 2 covers the horrific genocide in China, Germany and Cambodia