Could You Find Yourself a Victim of the Left’s Hatred, Hostility and Violence… if you decided to leave the Democrat party and support Donald Trump?
To the Democrat party, the most important thing to them is creating new loyal voter blocks. First they used lies and indoctrination to secure the black vote. Then they set up socialist indoctrination in our schools to secure the youth vote. Then they pursued the gay, lesbian and trans voters. Then they went after the Latino voting block. Then they went after the illegal alien voting block. And now they’re going after Muslim voters because they know Muslims will always vote for the Muslim candidate who pushes for Sharia Law.


The Democrats will cause America to become completely unrecognizable and they will destroy it for all future generations of Americans, if they take control in 2020.

[Video Below:] Leftists Inciting Violence – Montage

If you were a victim of leftist hostility, harrassment, or violence, would the Democrat party, or the mainstream media come to your defense? Would it depend on whether or not you continue to support their political candidates and agenda?

[Video:] Media stands with Antifa in violent attack on Faith Goldy